Kenthurst Fish & Filters

Pond Filters, Fountains & Water Features, Small Lakes & Dams  –  
Sydney, Australia

Kayhay's Gardens' Price List  Prices as at Feb 2020. All prices inclusive of GST.

Oase Filters

FiltoClear 3000

FiltoClear 6000

FiltoClear 16000

Kenthurst K1 Filters

'Onga' Media Filter: 4 sizes available

'Haywood' Media Filter: 4 sizes available

Bio Balls & K1 Media

Matala Matts

Grey Sheet (fine Biological filter) or
Blue Sheet (full Biological filter) or
Green Sheet (Mechanical & Biological filter) or
Black Sheet (full Mechanical filter)

Steel Bottom Drains

Water Clarifier

Ultraviolet Clarifiers

Stainless Steel Clarifier (UV Lamp & Weatherproof Ballast Box)

Ballast Box

Lamp & Quartz Thimbles

Fish Food (Australian produced)


RelTech Pumps

IntelliFlo Pump

Onga Eco 800 Pump

Spec Pro Series Pump

Waterway "Champion VS" Pump

Messner e-finity Q-Tec 25 Pump
fully submersible, 5yr warranty,

AquaSurgeTM Pumps
fully submersible, 3yr warranty,

Hailea "H" Series Pumps
40mm inlet/outlet, 1yr warranty,

Hailea Air Pump (adjustable pressure)

Hudson Valves

Pond & Pump Accessories


Water Quality ("Pets" brand is Australian Made)

Custom Lakes and Dams

Price On Application - please ask us for a quote.