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Pump Range (Hurlcon, Onga, Hailea, Champion & Speck)

We can source any pump (submersible and above ground) that is available from a manufacturer. If you have a preference, we can supply it at a reasonable price. Multiple pumps can also be setup together.


IntelliFlo VSF Pump (3hp)

IntelliFlo VSF PumpEight programmable speed (max 3hp) and flow settings with built-in timer.

Totally enclosed fan-cooled design for quiet operation and long life

Energy Star? certified, the IntelliFlo VSF pump adjusts flow throughout the cycle to minimize energy use. This results in increased energy savings. whisper-quiet operation - meaning when the pump is operating at low speeds, you might not know it's running.


Hurlcon Viron XT - Variable Speed Energy Efficient Pump

Viron P600 PumpFeatures & Benefits of P320 (1.25HP) & P520 (2HP):

Hurlcon's Viron XT provides further reductions in power consumption, even on maximum speed. Pump speed changes the water flow rate by the same factor. However, the energy used can vary dramatically. Halve the speed of your pump and the flow rate also halves but the energy consumed can drop by more than 85%.


Haywood Max-Flo VS (variable speed) Pump

MAx-Flo VS PumpFeatures:


ONGA Eco800 Pump

ONGA Eco800 PumpIs a tough heavy-duty high-capacity pump, rated for continuous use, that automatically shuts down or reduces speed to prevent damage in cases voltage or temperature events. Uses a brushless permanent magnet, variable speed motor.

3 programmable speeds:


Speck "Pro-Series" Variable Speed Pump

Spec Pro-Series PumpWith an 8-Star Energy Rating you can save up to 70% of operating costs when compared to previous model pumps.

Speck Pumps are German-made, a company with more than 100 years of pump building experience. These heavy duty pumps come with an outstanding 8 star energy rating.


AquaSurge Pumps

AquaSurge PumpAquaSurge 3000 = 12,000 lts/hr
AquaSurge 4000 = 16,000 lts/hr
AquaSurge 5000 = 20,000 lts/hr



Hailea "H" Series Pumps

These extremely quiet "H Series" pumps have a 40mm inlet/outlet. The H series uses a "vortex impeller", with an enerrgy saving split tube motor. With a 1 year warranty and overload protection, you are sure this pump will get the job done. The range includes: 20,000L, 15,000L, 10,000L, 6000L and 4000L models. This style of pump must be positioned "under" the water feature.

Hailea H Series Pumps
Hailea H Series Pumps

Hailea H4000 Pump
Hailea H4000 Pump

Hailea H4000 Pump
Hailea H15000 Pump

Hailea H4000 Pump
Hailea H4000 Pump


Grundfos Submersible Motor Pumps

Solar PumpSolar Panel PumpThe Grundfos SQ Flex-N series pumps are fitted with MFS-3N motors which are 1.4 kW permanent magnet motors providing superior performance and efficiency. Protection against over-voltage, under-voltage, dry-running, overload and, over-temperature are all standard features.

Your solar submersible pump will be supplied with an electronic controller in a weatherproof enclosure.

This combined system has a wide voltage range, built-in maximum power point tracking (MPPT) as well as dry-running, voltage and overload protection